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Birthdate:Mar 14
Location:Monterey, California, United States of America
I'm a full-time freelance writer, artist, and spiritual adviser from Monterey, California. When I'm not working, I can probably be found reading, cooking, or researching random subjects just for the hell of it. I am engaged to my best friend and we love to go out hiking or biking together. I'm quite introverted and shy offline, but online it seems like I always have something to say, hence my addiction to blogging and social networking. I'm also intense sometimes, but don't let that stop you from approaching me or saying hello. I love meeting new people online. You can add me here or on LiveJournal where I blog under the exact same user name.

For all intents and purposes, this journal is the back-up for my LiveJournal (which I am quite attached to, having had it for 8 years or so at this point). I mean to back up all my entries from there over here as well at some point. I also like the idea of popping in here to post when LJ is on the fritz the way it seems to be more and more often these days. You see, I'm one of those blogging addicts who seems to really get bitten by the blogging bug when someone's trying to tell me I can't do it right now, so... Dreamwidth is my intended solution to that particular problem! You're welcome to hang out and be part of it if you like. Just say so.
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